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Published by the
World Fellowship of Buddhists
33 Sukhumvit Road (between Soi One and Soi Three)
Bangkok 10110, THAILAND
Tel. 251-1188, -1189, -1190

Third Edition
Copyright 1991

Contact the World Fellowship of Buddhists for
distribution information and for reprinting rights.

Previous Editions
First Edition: by Sunno Bhikkhu (Jack Kornfield);
published by the World Fellowship of Buddhists in 1978.
Second Edition: by a committee of the National Identity Board
(Prime Minister's Office); published by the National Identity Board in 1988.

Electronic edition:
1994, DharmaNet International
PO Box 4951
Berkeley CA 94704-4951
Transcribed and formatted by Barry Kapke

WFB Book Series No. 44



In 1978 the World Fellowship of Buddhists published a booklet titled //A Brief Guide to Meditation Temples of Thailand.// It is now out of print, so the W.F.B. is publishing this new one. Since the publication of the first booklet, many changes have taken place.

In publishing this new revised booklet, we have been able to include updated information on monasteries and meditation centres in this country through the painstaking efforts of Mr. Bill Weir. He spent several months in Thailand travelling to various parts of the country visiting monasteries and meditation centres, seeking information on their current meditation practices and instructions. Apart from collecting information on good places for meditation, Mr. Weir has also made some observations in his introduction on the practices in those monasteries which will be of interest and use to foreigners.

We are very grateful to Mr. Weir and, as mentioned in his preface in this booklet, "to the abbots, vice abbots, and teachers who so patiently supplied the many details" and have rendered assistance and courtesy to Mr. Weir.

The Secretariat
World Fellowship of Buddhists


The first edition of this guide came out in the 1970s due to the efforts of Jack Kornfield, then a monk under the name Sunno Bhikkhu. His //A Brief Guide to Meditation Temples of Thailand//, published by the World Fellowship of Buddhists, well served foreigners who came to Thailand to learn and practice meditation. Much has changed since Jack researched the first edition. New monasteries, meditation centres, and teachers have become popular, while others are no longer frequented by foreigners. Perhaps the biggest change has been the emergence of a senior western sangha. A fair number of western monks in Thailand and other countries now have 10, 20, and more years in robes; some serve as abbots and vice abbots. Recent years have seen increasing numbers of Asians coming from such countries as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia to practice in Thailand -- adding a more international flavor to many monasteries and meditation centres.

A committee of the National Identity Board (Prime Minister's Office) authored a second edition of the book in the 1980s with the title, //A Brief Guide to Buddhist Meditation Centres in Thailand.// Much has changed since publication of that guide too. Now it's time for yet another edition.

Many people have helped in the research of this third edition. The author is indebted to the abbots, vice abbots, and teachers who so patiently supplied the many details. And, of course, you'll find good information retained from the earlier editions. The World Fellowship of Buddhists provided computer time and arranged the publication. Horatanachai Press, also of Bangkok, printed this guide.

The World Fellowship of Buddhists and the author hope that this little volume will be as useful to those on the "spiritual path" as the previous editions! The author has visited every monastery and meditation centre detailed within. Still, mistakes can happen -- and changing conditions are guaranteed! So use this book just as a "pointer of the way." Opinions and viewpoints are the responsibility of the author. (Except that references to Thai Buddhist sects have been deleted at the W.F.B.'s request.) Please write a note if you have suggestions, corrections, or new information that you'd like to pass on to other readers:

Bill Weir
c/o World Fellowship of Buddhists
33 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110

Website: http://www.wfb-hq.org/


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